Build Log

This is how i build the Minion Mini H-Quad

The Minion is only 218mm diagonal MTM, 172mm wide and 129mm long MTM and weighs 85g

Minion Assembly Manual

This is what is Included in the kit:
– 1 x Top Plate 1mm CF
– 1 x Bottom Plate 2mm CF
– 2 x Arms 2.5mm CF
– 1 x Camera Mount 1.5mm CF
– 8 x Black Nylon M3x35mm Standoff
– 4 x Black Nylon M3x12mm Standoff (for FC Board)
– 4x Black Nylon M3x6mm Bolts
– 20x Black Nylon M3x8mm Bolts
– 8x Stanley Steel M3x10mm Bolts
– 8x Stanley Steel M3 nylon lock-nuts
– 4x Rubber dampers for the camera

The build.

1- wire harness

2- motors and esc

3- solder the esc to the harness and the power cables for the FPV gear as well

You can use a standard PDB that fits or a more elaborated PDB like the one made by Oso Grande

The wire harness is very simple can be taken apart from the frame in a couple of minutes  and this is what it looks like


4- FC board and Rx

5- CCD board Camera, now there is a M3 hole for mounting encased cameras like the RunCam 

6- FPV gear, here you can see i’m using  step-up voltage regulator because my Vtx is an Immersion 600mw although it is an overkill, we can easily use and 250 or 300mw Vtx


And thats all there is to it

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