Estimate Shipping Rates

 These are the shipping estimate for different countries, Make sure to add the proper shipping cost to your PayPal when  paying.  If you pick the wrong shipping or leave it blank we will contact you and let you know of your shipping options.


  • Canada Regular  $10  Expedite  $15
  • USA continental  Expedite with tracking number and $100 insurance, you can add $2 for every $100 of coverage  $20
  • France, Italy Germany, England, Turkey, Sweden  Regular with no tracking number  $14
  • Most other country  Regular with no tracking number  $15


Note  If you value your time please make sure you are paying for a shipping with tracking number and insurance.

This shipping rates are estimates and  they will cover two or three frames with parts and accessory but depending on the country where you live and the amount of parts you add the shipping cost may change in which case you will be notify of the different shipping options available.

Important Note  in some countries (Germany, Spain, Italy, and other third-world countries) the package can take over 40 days  to clear customs. Make sure to pay for expedite shipping with tracking if you don’t want to wait.

 Important Note We can not be held responsible for customs delays and lost packages. If you value your time and money please make sure you are paying for a shipping method with tracking number and insurance.

Note By choosing an shipping option you are agreeing with our therms and conditions.

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