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Minion Racing Edition


  • 1x Mini H-Quad RE Top Plate 1.5mm   (new racing edition top plate)
  • 1x Mini H-Quad Bottom Plate 2mm CF
  • 2x Mini H-Quad Arms 4mm CF  (new racing edition arms)
  • 1x Mini H-Quad Camera Mount 1.5mm CF
  • 1x PDB V2
  • 1x Mobius tray with silicon bobbin dampers
  • 1x Mini H-Quad Fasteners Pack

Simplicity, durability and affordability

The 220 Minion is only 218mm diagonal MTM, 172mm wide and 129mm long MTM and weighs 155g


Note:  For the 4mm thick arms option you will get the new racing edition arms.

Minion Assembly Manual

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Product Description

Minion Assembly Manual



Additional Information

Weight .155 kg

4mm Arms for 5″ props, 4mm Arms for 6″ props, Arms for 7″ props, Arms for 5″ prop, Arms for 6″ prop


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