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Minion PDB V2.


– 1x Minion PDB V2.

– 9x LEDs

– Filter

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Product Description

PDB V2 with all components in place.

  • now on 1.6mm thick Black PCB
  • onboard LEDs – 6 white (side) and 3 blue (rear)
  • built-in LC filter for video transmitter and camera
  • capacitors on each ESC to reduce noise
  • One set of pads for FC to monitor battery voltage
  • Pads to power camera and extra pad for the optional use of a voltage regulator
  • weighs 35g

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The PDB maintains its original layout, which included the ability to operate Vtx and camera without the filter components in place.  We have populated all the components but in order to use them you must cut the tiny trace that joins the two pads labeled “FILTER”.  Simply take an exacto knife or blade and run it back and forth until you can feel the ‘hump’ of the copper trace is gone.  This eliminates the bypass and ensures voltage passes through the LC filter.

  • LEDs draw 70mA


  • The LEDs are connected by a jumper by default, if you cut the jumper trace they will be switch off and you can use a remote switch to control the lights
  • The PDB was designed to be placed on top of the bottom plate and then you treat them as one plate and continue your assembly normally
  • Note this PDB is not a replacement of the Minion bottom plate, nor was it designed to sandwich the arms
  • The PDB is placed directly on bottom plate.  The bottom of the PDB is the ground plane
  • You dont have to but i will recommend coating the bottom of the PDB plate with plastic dip or liquid electrical tape.



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