Misfit 180mm


  • 1x 1.5mm CF top plate
  • 1x  3mm CF bottom plate 
  • 1x 1.5mm CF camera mount
  • 1x Fasteners pack

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Product Description

The Misfit is a one piece bottom plate coming directly from the minion, the amount of parts and hardware are kept to a minimum to reduce weight.   The misfit is a compact light weight frame easy to carry around and because of the light weight and small size this frame is very agile and and fun to fly.

Weight of the frame (only CF parts) 64g, weight with hardware 80g

My recommended set up for this frame is:

-Cobra 2204 2300kv motors

-RG 20a ESC

-Acro Naze32

-25 or 200mw Vtx

-4×4.5 HQ bullnose props


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