The Minion

The Minion is inspired by BO Mini H-Quad. The main idea behind the design of the Minion Mini H-Quad is: Simplicity, Durability and Affordability. With this in mind, we designed the frame around a 36×36 mm size FC board; trying to achieve the smallest size possible but still have it big enough to carry standard FPV equipment. In order for it to be simple to assemble it has a minimal amount of plates and hardware.

We wanted it to be strong enough to be crash resistant, therefore, it is made out of 100% pure 3K Twill Weave Carbon Fiber. We chose carbon fiber because it  is not only strong but light weight as well. Of course, it needed to be affordable so we made an effort to reduce time on the cnc. This was mainly achieved by using less amount of plates, but also with the cooperation and feedback from the cutter.

The arms where designed in pairs to give them more strength and also to reduce the amount of fasteners needed in assembly; less fasteners mean easier assembly and less weight.

What comes with this kit:

–  1 x Mini – Top Plate 1mm CF
–  1 x Mini – Bottom Plate 2mm CF
–  2 x Mini – Arms 2.5mm CF
–  1 x Mini – Camera Mount 1.5mm CF
– 8 x Black Nylon M3x35mm  Standoff
– 4 x Black Nylon Male-Female M3x6mm  Standoff
– 4 x Black Nylon  M3 Nuts
– 10x Black Nylon M3x5mm Bolts (for top plate)
– 10x Black Nylon M3x5mm Bolts (for bottom plate)
– 8x Stanley Steel M3x10mm Bolts
– 8x Stanley Steel M3 nylon lock-nuts
– 4x Rubber damperst for camera

Recommended components:

ZMR, Sunnysky, Suppo or T-Motors
10A or 12A ESC with SimonK
CC3D or Naze32 or any other 36×36 mm FC board
– FrSky 4CH Receiver or any other receiver of your choice
600Tvl SC2000 Camera or the sony super HAD 600TVL
Immersion 600mW Vtx 5.8Ghz
CP Antenna for the Vtx and Vrx
– GemFan 5×3 – 2 blade propellers, 3 blades propellers can also be used but they brake more easily
-Any battery from 1000mah to 1500mah 35C of discharge can be used. I like Turnigy nano-tech and Zippy Compact

Note: for those using a KK board there is no holes on the frame to hold a KK board you can still use it but the board will stick out of the frame.